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Spring Golf Tips From Golf Kamloops

The courses are greening up and we are sure you are as excited as we are to get back swinging! Here are some tips to get your spring golf off to a great start…and help set you up for another fabulous season:

Gear Review

Did you find a way to manipulate that golf glove with the hole in it to make it last to the end of last season? Did you push-through the back-pain created by your worn-out shoe insoles maybe a little too long? It’s time to go through your gear and re-asses. Set yourself up for a successful season and go through your gear.

Re-Stock Your Golf Bag

It’s time to start a new season and re-stock that golf bag.

Book Yourself A Lesson Or Have A Professional Swing Analysis Done

Like any sport, it takes a little practice and time to get back into being on your “a-game” after a seasonal hiatus. Take the opportunity to contact one of our partner courses to set-up a swing analysis or series of lessons with a professional. Even the most esteemed golfers can improve their game and our motivating professionals can give you some tips and suggestions to take your game to the next level.

Practice and Remember…The Season Has JUST Started

Its probably been awhile since you’ve swung those clubs. Remember to go easy on yourself and get back into your rounds with ease. Set goals and practice (whether at a range, a practice facility, or on-course) with a purpose. Setting small goals will allow you to concentrate on particular aspects of your game and better achieve success overall. Going for walks, doing yoga or going to the gym to prepare those muscle groups again is always a good decision and ensure you take time to warm-up prior to your activity and especially prior to your golf game.

See you on the Fairways!
Golf Kamloops