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Walk, Drive…or Surf the Fairways in Kamloops

That’s right, whether you are coming to Kamloops for a golf getaway or making Kamloops a must-stay rejuvenating stop-over point along your travels this summer, we have a number of ways for you to fully experience our golf course fairways.

Walk beneath towering poplar trees, drive alongside fragrant sagebrush or new this year…surf atop manicured bent-grass fairways! Our five scenic courses all offer varying methods in which to fully experience their courses and yes, surfing with a Golf Board is now an option.

Powered by eco-friendly lithium-ion batteries, GolfBoards are fully electric vehicles that carry a golfer and their bag throughout a course similar to that of a golf cart, however, with an added level of excitement, manoeuvrability and increased pace-of-play. With individual golfers having the ability to go directly to their own ball simultaneously, this new technology is allowing for increased pace-of-play and also attracting new players to the game.

After a day swinging your clubs, unwind poolside (indoor, outdoor or rooftop) in the comfort of a lounger at one of our esteemed Golf Kamloops partner accommodators. Enjoy welcoming hospitality, clean, comfortable rooms, a variety of amenities including on-site dining options and a restful nights sleep.

To learn more about our scenic courses and modes of travel, revered accommodators or how you can make Kamloops your golf destination or golf stop-over this summer, contact our friendly Golf Kamloops Central Reservations team today at 1.888.232.6603.