On the 6th hole of Tobiano Golf Course, intrepid golfers are expected to make a daunting tee shot over a vast canyon. Golf does not get much more exciting than this. Every great golf course starts with an incredible piece of property, but few settings in the world are better than where renowned designer Thomas McBroom created Tobiano. “Tobiano has to be the best site I’ve ever seen from a drama and a beauty point of view,” says McBroom. Located on the site of the historic Six Mile Ranch, Tobiano offers exceptional golf in a unique setting: situated on the bluffs above Kamloops Lake, canyons are the norm here, and McBroom’s incorporation of them into his design is ingenious. And then there’s the fact that the clear blue of the lake “is in view from some point on every hole,” reveals Golf Digest contributor Ron Whitten. McBroom believes “Tobiano is literally as good as it gets.” This from the man who has designed courses all over the world and has 12 courses in SCOREGolf’s Top 100 in Canada. We’re inclined to believe him. Expect a golf course that is beautiful, dramatic, and incredibly fun to play.

Tee Yards Rating Slope
Tour 7367 85.3 135
Iron 7110 74.1 130
Spur 6616 71.9 128
Lake 6109 69.6 125
Lake (L) 6109 76.2 138
Sage 5358 66.0 112
Sage (L) 5358 70.4 119