Greens & Trails: A New Spin on Perfect Pairings in Kamloops


If the world was perfect, then riding a powercart for 18 holes, crushing a few beers, eating two hot dogs at the turn, and swatting at a golf ball for four hours would yield a world-class workout. The result of this full-body extravaganza would leave the participant in exquisite physical condition, the muscles would be rippling, and all of the organs would become bullet-proof. (Yes, I realize that there are limited ways one can exercise the liver.) 

But, alas, the world has a few glitches. As it turns out, this form of golf – definitely the most popular in North America, I might add – might not actually be a massive calorie-burning, cardio-improving, body-chiselling form of aerobic exertion. 

Golfers, especially those that care about their fitness but still want to, ahh, “let ‘er rip” on the course, should consider burning a few calories, getting their steps in, fine-tuning their Olympic-ready bodies, etc. a different way. Like, say, going for a hike before the round! 

Kamloops, in case you didn’t know, is not only a fantastic golf destination, it’s also an outstanding hiking destination. And, not only that, due to the location of the hikes, it sets up exceedingly well for a morning hike before your round of golf and the caloric-mismanagement begins in earnest. 

Photo Credit: Tamra Jaeger

Naturally, given the fact that Kamloops has close to a dozen excellent golf courses and even more hiking opportunities, there are numerous options for a dreamy day of hiking (a short-ish one in the morning to start the day right!) and golfing (perhaps in the late afternoon or evening when you’ve worked up your thirst!). Here are five great options….

Photo Credit: Mary Putnam

Option #1 – Battle Bluff and the Kamloops Golf & Country Club

The Hike: Battle Bluff is an iconic out-and-back Kamloops hike. The 4.5 km trail, which features 258 m elevation gain, takes you to a spectacular viewpoint above Kamloops Lake and the Thompson Valley. 

The Course: Located just ten minutes from the Battle Bluff trailhead, the Kamloops Golf & Country Club is a mature, parkland course with gorgeous trees and a tucked-away vibe. It NEVER disappoints! And the carts have beer holders. 

Option #2 – Embleton Mountain and Sun Peaks

The Hike: A quick-and-easy 3.4 km hike with a 171 m elevation gain, the Old Mills Trail at the Embleton Mountain Recreation Site makes for a nice little leg-burner before the worm-burners at Sun Peaks. There are other longer options (like the 8.4 km Embleton Mountain Loop) in this underrated hiking destination on the way to Sun Peaks. 

The Course: Sun Peaks serves up edge-of-your-seat mountain golf with a “user-friendly” twist. However, while many of the holes are short-and-sporty, it’s certainly no pushover! Pace yourself out there! And enjoy the spectacular mountain vistas. 

Photo Credit: Lisa White

Option #3 – Ranger Bob Loop and Eaglepoint

The Hike: The Dallas-Barnhartvale Nature Park (it’s located just east of Kamloops on Dallas Drive) flies somewhat under the radar when it comes to hiking options in Kamloops. However, there are multiple loop options of varying lengths and the views are awesome! Try the Ranger Bob/Benchlands Loop. It’s relatively easy (3.6 km with minimal elevation gain) and will leave you with ample energy for your swing-fest at Eaglepoint. 

The Course: Located just a few minutes down the road from Dallas-Barnhartvale, Eaglepoint Golf Resort is a beautiful benchlands course that offers plenty of grip-it-and-rip it par-4s and par-5s. The par-3s are long and tough, so maybe lubricate your swing with a swig of cold beer before you blast off. 

Photo Credit: @vandfoodies

Obviously, there are many more options for a great day of hiking and cart golf,  including some hikes that are quite a bit longer and more difficult that are perfect for golfers who have extra beer and hot dog intakes in the works. The Dewdrop Trail, which is near Battle Bluff, features stunning mountain and lake views. It’s a 12 km gem with plenty of elevation gain and caloric-burning potential. Or, if you’re planning to play at Sun Peaks, the spectacular Tod Lake & Summit hike is a winner, especially in summer when the wildflowers are in bloom. This 10.7 km hike takes three to four hours and requires a chairlift ride to get to the trailhead.

Yes, thanks to the incredible geographic diversity and natural beauty that envelops Kamloops and the Thompson Valley, this really just scratches the surface in terms of the options. For more information on the region’s hiking possibilities check out For more information on the golf visit Hike well! And don’t be afraid to nourish yourself on the course. 

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