Tack on a Tour


By Andrew Penner

Contrary to what your friendly neighbourhood golf addict thinks, playing the game 24/7 can be problematic. Yes, even when you’re on an intense golf getaway – say, in Kamloops! – you might want to consider a brief break from blasting 300-yard bombs and obliterating course records. You know, pace yourself. Dabble in some other activities. Sample some food. Visit some wineries. Who knows? You might find some worthwhile “rabbit trails” worth going down.

Correction. If you’re in Kamloops, you will find some worthwhile rabbit trails to go down! Indeed, in a city as diverse as Kamloops, there is something for nearly every passion and pursuit. Numerous tours, for example – both the self-propelled type and the fully-guided – are available in and around town. Yes, even if they have to pry your cold and calloused hands off your golf clubs and escort you off the course in a special vehicle, tacking on a tour – or, if you prefer, going down a “rabbit trail” – is something every visiting golfer should do!

Wine Touring

Royce Sihlis

Officially designated a BC wine region in 2018, the Thompson Valley is one of North America’s newest and most exciting wine touring destinations. The wines – white, sparkling, and red varietals are represented – showcase bright fruit flavours, depth, and complexity. 

While many golfers choose to just drop by a winery for a tasting (or maybe “a chugging” if the round didn’t go well) after a round of golf, booking an “official” wine tour takes all the pressure off! (Because, as a golfer, you are under enough pressure.)

To experience the best that the Kamloops Wine Trail has to offer, I’d highly recommend a tasting tour with Tastefull Excursions. Their Wild West Wine Tour (3 hours, $75 per person) is perfect for a post-golf adventure. This tour will take you to two of the top wineries in the region – Harper’s Trail and Monte Creek.  

However, if you do want to hit the wine tasting “rabbit trail” on your own, wine tasting vouchers are available when you book your golf package. 

Brew Touring

Dylan Sherrard

If you are more of a “beer” person (personally, I go both ways), you’ll be happy to know that Kamloops is home to five fantastic craft breweries. And the cherry on top? There are also four distilleries and two cideries.

Regardless of whether I’m completely sober or seeing quintuple, I’ve always loved visiting The Noble Pig Brewhouse. The food is fabulous (get the Noble Burger) and the beer is beauteous (Big Bad Wolf IPA is a keeper). However, Bright Eye Brewing (try the brussel sprouts with your brew) and Iron Road Brewing (get the Mexican street corn nachos) are two other can’t-miss options.

Boat Touring

Mary Putnam

On a warm summer evening with golden light lingering on the sun-blasted bluffs, Kamloops Lake can be magical. With a wide range of boats and water toys for rent, Bruker Marina at Tobiano is your one-stop shop to enjoy the water. You know, go on your own little boat tour. Make like a water rabbit. Whatever that is. 

If you’ve got a larger group (up to 12), the Double Decker Funship (complete with a waterslide and upper tanning deck) is about as much fun as water rabbits can have on the water. 

Sea-doos, pontoon boats, ski boats, kayaks, stand-up paddleboards, and fishing boats are also available for rent. And, of course, for people who just want to lay still and not expend any energy going down a “trail,” the sandy beach there is awesome!

Not surprisingly, there are many other noteworthy options in terms of “tacking on a tour” during your Kamloops golf getaway. Foodie tours (the restaurant scene in Kamloops truly has something for every palate), fishing tours, art gallery tours, downtown heritage walking tours, and many others, are possibilities. All you gotta do is make like a rabbit.   

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