Chip onto the Fairway with our Central Reservations Experts


Golf Kamloops has proudly partnered with the team at BC Golf Guide to take care of all your golf getaway specifics. Whether you are a couple, family, friends, or a group, our golf experts are available to secure all your booking details. 

Ross, Glen, and Danny know golf; they’re familiar with the courses, the hotels, and the Kamloops area. They’re ready to work with you to create a memorable Kamloops golf getaway.  

What Can the Team Do?:

  • Provide a personalized service
  • Have access to the best rates
  • One contact for all bookings – both in advance and during your golf trip. 

Are you bringing a group? 

Being a group organizer doesn’t have to mean wrangling your pals through the specifics. Once your golf group booking becomes confirmed, you will receive a personalized web page that summarizes your tee times, hotel reservations, additional itinerary notes and a master list of all your attendees where you can: 

  1. Add in your golf group player names – First name, last name, and email address; save and share the group link
  2. All details about your golf group – map locations / tee times / hotel reservations / shuttle notes / extra travel details. Or send messages to us about the trip which is logged on the page for others to view
  3. Auto payment reminders on trigger dates prior to arrival for everyone in your group.
  4. Our system chases your pals for payment and sends reminders.  
  5. Voucher travel – You will have access to vouchers for hotels, rounds, and shuttles 
  6. Automated follow-up email 2 weeks after golf trip to ask how things went – we really want to know your feedback.

Whether a group of 4 or 40, our reservations team makes group booking logistics slick!

Let’s get booking

Browse through our website for a variety of package options, or submit your details and dates and we will work with you to create a custom package.

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