Golf and Beer in Kamloops Makes For A Happy Place


What does your happy place look like? Little people riding around in tricycles? Attractive people in their undies serving you pitchers of beer? Your golf guru singing soothing songs on the grand piano? Unlike Happy Gilmore, my “happy place” would be a little simpler. I’ll just take a good golf course and a good craft beer. Kamloops? Yes, it certainly qualifies as a happy place.  

Correction. Kamloops is actually a very happy place. Why? Well, simply put, the happiness quotient goes up as the quality of the golf and the quality of the beer rise. And, in Kamloops, these two are about as good as it gets. 

Thanks to some of the best public golf courses in the country and some of the tastiest beers in beerdom (that’s everywhere), Kamloops has become my favourite golf destination in Western Canada. True, there are other excellent golf-and-beer options out there. (Perhaps my all-time personal favourite in this regard is Bend, Oregon, which many people consider the epi-center of the craft beer movement. And the golf there is also outstanding.) However, Kamloops can hold its own. And then some. 

Obviously, heading to a craft brewery after your round to cap off your adventure is never a bad idea! However, transitioning to the patio right at the course often makes the most sense. After all, you’re already there! Thankfully, every golf course in Kamloops serves up delicious pints of lovely local beer. Here are my recommendations. (And, remember, it’s NEVER ok to drink and drive. Have a sober driver or get a Uride.)


After sinking all those birdies at one of the most visually stunning courses in Canada, you’ll definitely want to sink a pint! The Black Iron Pub & Grill – thanks to the gorgeous patio and mouth-watering menu – is the spot. Try the Iron Road Loopline IPA, it’s a hoppy, mouth-puckering ale that’s fruity and balanced. 

Bighorn Golf and Country Club

The amazing elevation changes on this spectacular mountainside layout will require some post-round caloric replenishment. Thankfully, Mason’s Kitchen & Bar boasts incredible city views and tasty brews. Go with an Iron Road Locomotive Lager, a classic Czech-style lager with German malts. 

Kamloops Golf & Country Club

The beautiful tree-lined playing corridors at this classic parkland course will lead you straight to the outdoor patio at the Willows Restaurant. You’d be a fool not to try the Hyper Rye’d rye and ginger pale ale from Red Collar Brewing. It’s an amazing concoction that flies off the shelves whenever it appears. 

The Dunes at Kamloops | Mary Putnam
The Dunes

You’ll definitely need some thirst-quenching liquid love (beer) after traipsing through the diabolical dunes on this awesome riverside course! The patio here, which overlooks the 18th green, is the ideal place to quaff a pint of Red Collar A Dog Aquatic Pale Ale. This gently-hopped ale is amber, light, and comes with a little “peachy” hit at the end. Yum! 

Talking Rock Golf Course

Meandering through the wilderness and finishing with a wonderful lakeside finish, the two sensations that you’ll feel after your round at Talking Rock will be a) joy and b) thirst. Thankfully, you can belly up to the bar at Jack Sam’s and order a legendary pint of Backhand of God Stout from Crannog, which is located just down the road in Sorrento. Other than your putting stroke, this rich, dark, chocolaty brew might be the smoothest thing on the planet! 

Eaglepoint Golf Resort

Situated on beautiful benchland just east of Kamloops, Eaglepoint – due to its playable nature, stunning vistas, and outstanding value – is a local’s favourite. Another favourite is the golden goodness of the Red Collar IPA. This English Style IPA is NOT a hazy fruit-bomb monster that’s so common in the IPA genre. It’s an earthy, bitter beer with big malt flavours and a rich copper colour. Yum!

Sun Peaks Golf Course

Sun Peaks is mountain golf with a sporty “anyone can play it” vibe. The elevated tees, especially, are jaw-dropping. And, yes, your jaw will also drop when you get a taste of Woodward Woodberry Cider at Masa’s Bar & Grill (it’s located in the daylodge). Woodwards, a local cidery, makes some of the driest and most delicious ciders in BC. Flavours of blueberry and pomegranate explode from the can in this beautiful berry bomb.

Rivershore Golf Links | Mary Putnam
Rivershore Golf Links

The smooth, playable, and easy-going nature of the fabulous Rivershore Golf Links is legendary! The setting along the South Thompson River is stupendous! So good, in fact, that “chillaxing” on the patio after the round is an absolute “no brainer.” Watch the sunset and sip and savour a pint of Red Collar Dubbel, a dark Belgian ale that will win you over on the first tilt of the glass.   

Regardless of the golf course you play or the pint you pick, rest assured, you are in a happy place. All of the happy golfers and beer drinkers are proof of that!

Andrew Penner is a freelance writer and photographer based in Calgary. You can follow him on Instagram @andrewpennerphotography.

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